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Ras Tewelde il professore del Corso di Giamaicano ( Patwa Canaa) è l’unico artista italiano a mantener vivo un link continuo con l’Etiopia e con gli artisti locali.

Questa volta con Ras Biruk Barky centrano insieme una vera big tune.

Il brano è multilingue, si può apprezzare l’amarico, l’inglese e alla fine anche il napoletano e se non ci credete alleghiamo anche il testo.

Il video girato in Etiopia tra Shashamane e Addis Ababa tra le strade e le tradizioni africane è molto significativo.

Bello il ritornello ed il testo che vi invitiamo a leggere




We love reggae music
Ras Tewelde Ras Biruk ina combination
Ras Alula Pon di composition

ሬጌ ሙዚቃዬ
Reggae music time
ሬጌ ሙዚቃዬ
እዎድሻለሁ 2x

በሬጌ ሙዚቃ እንተባበር (let’s cooperate through reggae music)
በሬጌ ሙዚቃ እንመካከር (let’s connect through reggae music)
ሬጌ ሙዚቃ ላንድነታችን (reggae music for our unity)
ሬጌ ሙዚቃ ላአፍሪካችን (reggae music for our Africa)


ስለሰላም ፍቅር እንዲሰብኩ
አንደበቶች ሁሉ ይከፈቱ
Let every tongue preach
of peace and love
ክፋና ደጉን የሚለዩ
ንቁ ትውልዶች ይብዙ ይብዙ
Let’s hope for conscious generations
that distinguish the good from the bad
የጅብ ያናብስት ድምፅ ሲሰማ ቢያስፈራ
በእምነት እንፀናለን ተባብረን በጋራ
Tho roars of wild beats so frightening
yet we can endure through faith and unity
ኦሜርታ ማለቱ ለሰዉ ልጆች ሲቃ
ላላፋ ጠፊ አለም ለማን ምን ሊረባ
Nothing to reap from omertà to the cries of humanity in this hopeless world
በደግነት ብዛት ንፍገት ይሰቃቃል
ድምፅ ላጣዉ በሬጌ እንጩህ በሙዚቃል
Greed shall be eclipsed by an abundance of kindness
let’s be the voice for the voiceless through reggae


Ras Biruk Barky from Zion mush up the riddim
Mi fight for black people right and their freedom
Zion Africa is reggae kingdom
Rastafar I blessed us and that’s the wisdom
We not quit we not cease from teaching them
Rasta no like no war no fighting weapon
Reggae always have to burn them Babylon system
Jah Jah bless ini Rasta tell them


Ras Tewelde verse

I tell you Reggae music is a different thing
it’s not Pop, House, Rock&Roll or Swing
‘cause when we sing a song we do not only sing
A powerful message I&I a bring – from the King
‘cause when we unite there is nothng to fear
Every problem a go disapper – you no hear?
ድር ቢያብር ጅብ ያስር ( አንበሳ አይታሰር)
Si nuje stamm anziem’ nun c’tocca nisciun’ (If we stick together nobody can touch us)
O’malament ven’quann riest’sul (bad things happen when you end up alone)
Chesta musica n’guard nfacc’a nisciun’ (this music does not care)
Tras’rint o’core e dint’all’anema – oh oh Mama Africa! (penetrates the heart and the soul)

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